Things You’re Doing Every Day that Can Be Automated

The main payoff for Automation is expected to be that it will free us from rote tasks and inaugurate a new age of liberty. This way, we can devote our time to activities of a higher degree. We will be making useful connections or coming up with new ideas rather than wasting time inputting data. We’ll have more time with family and friends, instead of cleaning the house.

Automating repetitive tasks (such as emails, reports, meeting notes, etc.) will free up precious time so you can concentrate on those things you’re very passionate about, such as discovering new innovative ways to support your clients, spending more time with your family at the beach, or watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones (I won’t ask which one comes first). Luckily, there’s a huge range of web-based software out there that you can use to automated your business processes and improve the efficiency of your (as well as your own) company.

Most of the time running your own company is pretty hard work and, thus, time-consuming. And here people are not only thinking about performing everyday automated administrative activities and keeping track of the work schedule of your staff, or monitoring your expenditures and addressing customer complaints. I’m talking about all the “little things” you have to do every day, and it can take hours out of your work schedule.

Saving Money

Automation can also save you money, as well. Cellfire is a smartphone app that provides discounts and deals that you can choose to add to your loyalty card in the grocery store. Swipe your card into the grocery store and subtract the discounts. Apps such as Honey for Google Chrome automated to scan and request discounts when you shop online at checkout.

Daily Task

While many apps claim to make your life simpler and more successful, it can be a challenge to keep track of all these. If This Then That links common apps to help you track activities, accomplish goals, and eventually understand where your time is going. You can schedule regular activities and event reminders (like birthdays), create shopping lists and collect discounts from participating stores, even chart your workouts and send you a rundown of how you’re spending your time if that isn’t too big brother for you.

Home Automation

Options for home automation are booming. Smart home systems allow you to adapt your mobile device to light, temperature, security, and other devices. Robotic vacuum cleaners liberate you from chasing bunnies of hair. In development, there are even robotic units that fold your laundry. Carden is a fan of Amazon Echo, capable of serving as a music player, news tool, and even a smart home hub. He can even refresh his list of foodstuffs by just talking to the computer.

As automation becomes readier and more accessible, Gleematic can see more opportunities. For now, searching for small ways to streamline daily automation activities will lead to incremental time savings and other benefits.

Written by: Jimmi Chandra

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