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Overcome challenges in implementing cognitive automatio...

How to overcome challenges in implementing Cognitive Automation Understanding the possible challenges from implementing Cognitive Automation, and how to overcome them is important to make projects a success. We’d like to discuss a few areas of concern below: 1. Employee Resistance Employees are the core of any organisation, and thus, employee resistance is a very

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How to Choose a Suitable Automation Software for Your B...

How to choose the best RPA software for your Business Technological developments are continuously carried out in various fields in supporting industrial progress. In meeting market needs and demands, production effectiveness is needed. Answering these needs, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has been implemented lately by several large companies. As a form of automation, the concept

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RPA functions in Finance and HR

RPA functions in Finance and HR Many enterprises worldwide are shifting to digitalization, a transformation of their operational business processes to become modernized and revolutionized. Manual processing is being replaced with more advanced technology as a solution to the growing operational demands. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) functions is lately known as advanced and cutting-edge technology