cognitive automation
Differences Between Cognitive Automation & Rule-Ba...

Differences between Cognitive Automation and Rule-based Automation When you want to automate parts of your business, you are bound to come across the terms ‘rule-based automation’ and ‘cognitive automation’. However, do you know the difference between them? Rule-based automation Rule-based automation is a system that applies man-made rules to store, sort and manipulate data, imitating

monitor robots
Why You Need A Control Tower To Monitor Robots

Why do you need a control tower to monitor robots? For any software robot user, why do you need to look into a robot monitoring center? If you run data entry automation or check company data, you will definitely be notified if any of your robots stop functioning. You can send exception handling to the

tecnological innovations
Technological Innovations In The Hospitality Industry

Technological Innovations In The Hospitality Industry With people living side by side along with rapid technological advances, technology and digitalization growth have also entered the hospitality industry. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, and Automation are technological innovations that have not only revolutionized consumer experience but can also provide comfort from

rpa functions
RPA functions in Finance and HR

RPA functions in Finance and HR Many enterprises worldwide are shifting to digitalization, a transformation of their operational business processes to become modernized and revolutionized. Manual processing is being replaced with more advanced technology as a solution to the growing operational demands. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) functions is lately known as advanced and cutting-edge technology