business automation
Moving to automation with artificial intelligence

Progressing to Automation with Artificial Intelligence Just as industrial robots in factories have helped to triggered periods of high efficiency, Robot Process Automation (RPA) has changed the landscape of work. RPA started to gain traction with Finance sector in the past few years it has become more popular in other industry sectors. It was a

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Categories of AI Software

What You Need To Know About AI Software Artificial Intelligence (AI) has steadily entered enterprise applications and will continue to do so in the near future. Artificial Intelligence or A.I. software is in many processes to save time and money for the customer, simplifies their job, and helps workers to function more effectively and productively.

history of automation
History of Automation Rise Of Robots And AI

History of Automation Rise Of Robots And AI Over the course of time, we have become dependent on automated technology. It is found in almost every part of our lives, from automatic doors to factory line robots, to business process automation. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is the talk of the city, and the feared takeover of

cognitive document automation
What Makes Cognitive Document Automation Intelligent?

What Makes Cognitive Document Automation So Intelligent? Compared to the past decade, the speed at which technology advances is relatively fast today. If the move from large-scale enterprise-based mainframe applications to flexible cloud-based applications took decades to stabilize, it takes hardly months to evolve to bring on-board new technologies to improve the technological capabilities of

work from home
Work From Home With Automation During Pandemic

Work From Home With Automation During Pandemic Many companies actually employ their employees from home after the government decides to limit the number of people in the office to all fields at once. This is consistent with measures of social distance in city-states as the government increases efforts to curb further spread of COVID-19. We

automation changed the world
How Cognitive Automation Changed The World

How Cognitive Automation Changed The World Intelligent Automation transforms the way people communicate and profit from innovation and the way business works. It helps companies build new innovative products and services. Increased sophisticated machines can also learn cyclical changes from other connected computers, combined with a wider Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. And the findings

automation security
Best Practices for Cognitive Automation Security

Best Practices for Cognitive Automation Security Cognitive Automation is a sophisticated technology that streamlines and standardizes many process-oriented tasks. It has gained traction throughout the world and is now widely seen as a core component of digital transformation initiatives. Applied to the right process, the software robots can significantly improve productivity, quality, and accuracy of