Gleematic A.I at WOP 2020 CHTA Macau

This time, Gleematic A.I re-participated at World of Possibilities (WOP) 2020, organized by China Hotels and Travel Alliance (CHTA) to provide an explanation of the use of the Automation process in the hospitality sector.

There are many operational processes in the hospitality industry that Gleematic A.I can help to automate. Eliminating and replacing manual processing with automation is a solution offered by Gleematic A.I for the hospitality industry so that human staff can move to more valuable tasks.

This time, Gleematic flew to Macau. Gleematic founder, Christopher Lim, participated again to pitch – bringing Gleematic on. The event in Macau happened on 10th December 2019.

Gleematic A.I can help automate the check-in process and the booking process – the addition of online booking integration. Usually, front desk operations are too complicated and can be very time consuming if done manually but can be different with the help of A.I Gleematic.

Gleematic can help extract important guest information e.g from a passport, ID card, etc., and enter the hotel software system to enter information. In order processing, Gleematic A.I can be used to help integrate online ordering. It can check online bookings that have been made and reconcile with the system. After that, the software robot issues a room key and other free services.

Not just automation, Gleematic A.I can be used to assess customer feedback which is very useful and important in customer relations and improving the business itself. Gleematic A.I can help customer relationship feedback management by using sentiment analysis to assess positive and negative feedback, it can also help sales management by identifying “hot prospects” from emails and sending them to the right person in charge.

Macau’s economy is largely centered around hotels and resorts there. Thus, this is a good new market for us to venture into, and explore areas of automation.

Written by: Jimmi Chandra

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