Work From Home Solution

Challenge: New Cognitive Software Bots enabling the Remote Workforce

  • Checking and Monitoring Employees is a difficult thing to do when employees are not working at the office, how do we deal with and empower employees to work from home?
  • You would also need to consider setting up a Remote Work Station for Employees to be connected and keep working as usual.
  • Employees may need I.T. support when they are working from home. They may not know what I.T. applications to use or how to use them. 
  • How to ensure that employees have the necessary I.T. facilities and support for activities such as arranging for meetings while working from home? 


  • You can use software robots such as Gleematic to automate processes that allow the setup for working remotely. They can help to facilitate an easier, error-free registration of the new equipment, set up users for VPNs, and associate the employee ID with the registration number of the recently bought equipment.
  • Such software bots can also set up the work schedule for each employee and ensure that staff follow these schedules by sending automated reminders to employees.
  • The bot can also create meeting time-tables in rows of Excel and save the user hours in the day by automating the scheduling process for an employee.
  • You can also use software robots to order things such as Remote Access Services (RAS), and Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) to enable remote working for employees.
  • The bot approves/rejects expense reports based on the submitted proofs and allowance.


  • Reduce manual labor for I.T. support staff
  • Speed up tasks (e.g. setting up)
  • Enable staff to work from home
  • Reduce manual errors