Monitoring Solution

Challenge: Monitoring of staff’s health and equipment’s health

  • Many companies have to let employees work from home as governments are implementing restrictions on face-to-face interactions, or imposing “lock-downs”. 
  • Employees are also supposed to report their daily temperatures. 
  • Checking status of equipment in the factory/ office is also not possible if there is nobody on-site.
  • Status reports about the activities of equipment may go un-noticed if nobody is able to access them. 


  • You can create a script in Gleematic that regularly takes screenshots of important monitoring systems and attaches them in email to be sent to relevant personnel.
  • The software robot can also analyze and compile real-time report, so that it can issue warnings when something goes wrong. 
  • As for temperature-monitoring, staff can update temperature twice a day and then staff to upload onto a form (e.g. Google form) or into the HR system. Robot checks the forms, detects which staff has not updated and robot sends notifications or reminder via WhatsApp / Email to the relevant staff.

  • Robot consolidates info, monitors, and sends alert to dedicated person if any staff is having fever (higher than specified temperature). 


  • Faster results with real time updates
  • Give remote employees visibility and enable further remote work
  • Keeps business running as usual
  • Reduce manual work for employee and reduce manual errors