Insurance Solution

Many insurance companies are overwhelmed with increased number of medical-claims and flight-cancellation claims due to COVID-19 situation. 

Challenge: Being able to handle large spike in claims due to COVID-19

  • A lot of customers making claims
  • Many customers do not know whether they are eligible to make claims
  • Customers get frustrated with long waiting times, and ultimately still being unable to claim
  • Staff from insurance companies are stressed and stretched as they have to face angry customers

What’s the solution?

  • Cognitive Robots with A.I. can be set up for both customer-facing and back-end operations
  • Robots can use A.I. (Natural Language Processing) and machine-learning to read incoming emails and assign to relevant persons, so that work can be distributed quickly.
  • Robots with sentiment analysis can also highlight angry customers to staff for service-recovery
  • Cognitive robots can read scans of hospital bills and extract data. For reading scans of documents, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can digitise the data. After that, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine-learning will come in to make sense of the data for intelligent document extraction. This means extracting of information and classifying the data into specified fields/ categories, such as name(s) of person(s), identity card number, type of treatment given, medication issued, etc.
  • After data has been digitised, extracted and classified, the rules-based automation can take over to classify claims into categories, and label whether claim should be approved or rejected.
  • Turn-around time can be a lot faster, so that customers are not kept waiting for too long. This reduces anxiety on customer’s end, and also staff’s end.


  • Manage claims more efficiently
  • Fewer complaint-calls related to COVID-19 insurance claims
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and experience