HR Solution

Challenge: Human Resource (HR) department overloaded with staff matters during COVID-19 situation

  • As many companies are forced to let staff work from home, they would face challenges in taking attendance as people are not able to meet. They are also not able to use the attendance-taking systems that may have been installed at company’s premises. 
  • Another issue is being able to monitor staff’s progress as people might get distracted working from home. 
  • Some companies may also have switched to reduced working-hours due to reduced workload. Thus, HR may need more time to check with employee attendance for payroll, so that employees can receive correct salaries on time.
  • HR would also need to gather data about employees’ temperatures daily (or twice a day), generate reports and submit to government authorities. 
  • There might also be requirements for HR to generate other reports with different parameters. 


  • HR can install Gleematic A.I. software in a computer at office, so that it can access necessary I.T. applications on office’s network. You can give instructions to Gleematic to assist HR personnel with necessary tasks to be done on the relevant I.T. applications. 
  • Attendance-taking and calculation of payroll: HR can just set up a simple online form for staff to take attendance, and Gleematic can update in the office’s system. If there are complex calculations for payroll, HR can give the salary rates to Gleematic for auto-calculations. 
  • Temperature-monitoring: HR can set up online form, Gleematic robot can monitor, alert people who have not updated, and generate reports automatically. 
  • Work status updates: Gleematic robot can monitor who has not submitted work on time, and send reminders. 
  • Gleematic can also read and extract data from documents such as medical certificates to assist in verification and recording. 



  • Higher accuracy of data-transfer
  • Cost Saving Significantly
  • Saves precious hours of humans
  • Robots work up to 5 times faster