Loan-Processing Solution

Challenge: Increased volume of loan processing at banks 

  • Backlogs arise when large amounts of loan applications are submitted during COVID-19 period as business face financial challenges.
  • Longer processing time, as many banks are forced to reduce on-site staff who can access come back to office to use the bank’s loan approval system. 
  • Getting in-house IT staff to do programming-based integration is not easing the problem as IT department is overloaded.  
  • There is also increased workload in chasing for repayments of loans as many companies are delaying payments. 


  • Gleematic cognitive automation software can be installed in bank’s office computers to help the on-site staff do work 3X to 5X faster. 
  • Set-up time for Gleematic software-robots can be very quick (in a week or less) for simple processes. IT staff only need to support and no need to do coding. 
  • Gleematic can access core-banking systems or loan-systems. For example, we have worked with AS400, Silverlake, etc. 
  • Intelligent document-extraction features in Gleematic can assist humans in reviewing supporting documents submitted by applicants (e.g. pay-slips, bank statements) and pull out information.
  • Artificial Intelligence can predict approval or risk of late-payment based on historical patterns.
  • The software robots can also send reminders for repayments of loans. 
  • Reduces stress level of staff who have to handle large volumes of work.

Let Gleematic robot help you your bank manage overloads during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


  • Ensure business continuity even with increased volume of transactions
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Reduce processing time
  • Accelerate approvals/ rejections
  • Assist small businesses