Helping businesses tide through COVID-19​

Your work need not be restricted even with the travel restrictions or the restrictions on face-to-face events. We have a solution built for Asian businesses to help you get work done faster and more efficiently.

We call it “Asian Cognitive Automation”, whereby software-robots mimic the activities of humans to get work done on computers. Cognitive automation is a powerful combination of rules-based automation via the user-interface (robotic process automation- RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) whereby human can “teach” and machines can “learn” to handle various types of tasks.

This is like getting a worker who would not be hampered by immigration restrictions, travel bans, COVID-19 or any other illnesses. The only thing you’d need would be a computer that is suitable for the robot to work on. Some examples of processes you can use Gleematic include extracting data from PDF document (e.g. medical claims),  Accounts-payable automation/ extracting info from invoicesupdating enterprise I.T. systems and checking data automatically, etc.

We want to help your businesses not just to cope but improve productivity and effectiveness during these extraordinary times and beyond.

Get in touch with us on how we can help you emerge stronger! 

Get a free "digital worker"

Try 2 months of multi-talented A.I. worker FREE

You can get a free “contract worker” whom you can depend on, regardless of the COVID-19 situation. This special offer is for all types of organisations which need work done but having man-power challenges. If you are a small SME or NPO, you can enjoy the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer (see above). If you are a bigger SME, you can still get 10% off our regular price for your first purchase. (*Note: All offers on this page are for new customers only, and will be until 31 Jul 2020.)

Automate Your Work

"Safe-distancing" takes on a new meaning with your digital colleagues who can continue to work side by side with you, even when your human-colleagues are separated. Get work done any time, any day, with Asian Cognitive Automation.



You can adjust the flow of activities and types of documents that you'd need to process in any way you desire.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Gleematic is made to simplify your work, so Gleematic is designed to be easy to use and without coding.

Fast Implementation

Fast Implementation

Start with fast pilots to quickly see results. With easy setup, scaling up is easier.