A.I. is Playing an Important Role in Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence and automation can help to carry out many work functions at any time of the day to make a different to guests’ experience. Hotel owners can save money significantly, eliminate human error and deliver superior service through the use of cognitive automation. 
Artificial intelligence opens up endless possibilities for increased personalization to tailored recommendations. Operations can also be made more efficient with reservations, checking-in, room-planning and house-keeping made more efficient with machine-learning and robotic process automation (RPA). Humans can then focus on delighting guests and thinking up innovative loyalty programmes to make guests keep coming back. 

Hotel Industry using AI to provide an awesome user experience

Cognitive Automation such as Gleematic is a computer software that acts like a “digital worker” to automate and manage transactional processes. It is different from the physical robots (also called “service robots”) that walk around hotel lobbies to deliver things or to greet guests. Gleematic incorporates technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and intelligent extraction to get data from guests’ identity documents or travel Visas. After that, rules-based automation can take over to transfer such info into hotel’s “property management system” (PMS). Guests’ preferences and requests can also be captured and transferred to relevant departments through the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems so that guests can have a delightful and consistent experience. Gleematic can also be used to used for post-stay follow up, analysing customer’s feedback, and billing enquiries. 

Bookings/ pre-arrival

Ensure that bookings made from multiple partner's booking sites are synced with hotel's PMS. No need manual updates. Analyse and predict guest volume too.

Arrival/ Check-in

Face-recognition for check-in. Or use image-recognition to detect visa stamps. OCR and intelligent-extraction to get passports' details.

In-room experience

Store and sync guests' preferences across multiple properties of hotel chain to provide consistent experience just the way the guest wants.

Seamless back-end operations

Robots can validate data across various IT applications such as the PMS, CRM, Accounting, POS systems. No more errors with guests' data due to manual transfers.

Analyse, predict and plan

Plan in advance with the knowledge of predicted guest volume at different periods, keep vacancy rates low, and design relevant promotions for optimal revenue with A.I.

Post-stay follow up for repeat visits

Use A.I. to understand guests' feedback, detect urgent issues quickly, diffuse tense situations fast and build a good relationship for guests to come back for more.

Artificial Intelligence is already impacting Hospitality

  • (A.I.) Occupancy and Rate Optimization
  • (A.I.) Personalized experiences boost revenue and loyalty
  • (A.I.) Predict potentially-profitable guest peak seasons
  • Booking and Staff Interaction
  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Reputation Management
  • Informing Competitive Intelligence


Cut wastage/ loss by up to 70%.


3X to 5X Faster processing


15% of time compared to I.T. overhaul.

Empower yourself to do more!

Go above and beyond with Gleematic A.I. Cognitive Automation for your hotel/ hospitality business. We have something to suit every innkeeper’s and hotelier’s budget. Our exclusive technology is easier to use and set up compared to other automation tools. This means that even end-users can be empowered to tap into the power of A.I. robots, so that you and your colleagues can spend more time thinking of guests, rather than the unfinished transactions in your computers.