Challenges faced during Coronavirus situation

The Coronavirus pandemic has positioned itself in history as the most devastating global crisis. The Sars-CoV-2 novel and COVID-19 related lung disease will change their business, risk / crisis management strategies, and subsequent digitization and automation strategies. Many companies today face their biggest challenges that are fueling future cost and investment pressures.

Many companies have closed down because they were not ready when the pandemic struck. Even though with the help of automation software, we can still do our work and our business can still work well. With automation, we can work remotely from home so work productivity continues to run smoothly.

Things that cognitive automation from Gleematic can do are as follows:

  • An intelligent software robot, Runs in computers and automates tasks with A.I.
  • Virtual colleague, It can be your “remote-worker” in your office.
  • Interacts with IT applications can control multiple types of IT applications.
  • Ability to “learn“ with A.I. It can “learn” to read semi-structured/ unstructured data in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese; predict outcomes; and other tasks.

With the many advantages of cognitive automation it gives you control in increasing the productivity and growth of your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is due to the limitation of employee space due to state lockdown so employees cannot always be present in the office. So work from home is the only best solution with Gleematic cognitive automation software

Companies that have not yet properly digitized their business find themselves unable to work effectively during times of self-quarantine. It could indeed mean that more specific technologies such as Cognitive Automation will be more strongly pushed in the short-term to achieve rapid progress in digitization. In fact, businesses need to be armored against a second Coronavirus wave which some experts predict to occur.

Business always serves a purpose; to meet customer demand. Evaluate whether this goal is intact or whether production can shift to more important and targeted short-term production, e.g. masks, clothes, etc. With Gleematic your company can still carry out production activities as usual.

Written by: Jimmi Chandra


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