Description of problem:

KYC: The bank required information from external sources to be entered into a legacy system and information to be extracted from this system to be entered into another system.

  1. There was no mouse-control available for this legacy system.
  2. This system cannot be connected to any other I.T. applications easily, as there was no more support from original vendor of this software.
  3. The bank’s internal IT team estimated that it would probably take at least 3 full months with 2 full-time staff to attempt to do back-end integration. However, if users want to change any of the fields, it will take a long time to re-configure it.

How Gleematic software helps:

  1. Gleematic robot was able to log on to various external portals automatically do the KYC checks (e.g. Factiva).
  2. Gleematic robot was also able to extract data from I.T. applications used in the bank and enter into the desired portal for KYC.
  3. The outcomes of the KYC checks were then entered into the legacy system by Gleematic robot.

Expected manpower saving per year = 0.5 full-time employee/ year


  1. Web portals were sometimes slow to load and run into errors at times. Various “exception handling” scripts were set up to address different types of scenarios. For example, Gleematic robots were set to look out for a certain image to ascertain if the page has loaded. In another scenario, a sub-script was activated when Gleematic encounters a specific error message.
  2. The legacy system could only be controlled with keyboard strokes, and sometimes did not show the updates promptly. We managed to overcome this via using image-recognition technology.

Description of client’s company:

The client was a large regional bank, with a focus on trade finance and corporate banking.


BFSI (Banking)